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Failing to generate enthusiasm, Nicolas Sarkozy's proposal to increase by 30% the rights to build at least have helped revive the debate. That the obstacles to build more and better in our country. On this point, they all agree: France is no shortage of building land and still can not build as much as its neighbors. Blockages that maintain higher prices. To take the problem at its root, several avenues are being considered.

The first, held by Nicolas Sarkozy, setting the density. Adopted on March 6, his bill should allow to build higher buildings and increase the surface of the houses. It is also necessary that councils do not object. "I am not satisfied that it is revolutionizing the market, says Rene Pallincourt, president of the Fnaim. It will be difficult to implement and will involve mainly the individual sector pavilion. The risk is that by increasing the building rights, the land price is moving upward rather than downward. "

To end regressive taxation on the land

For its part, the association Promotoit bringing together industrial specialists in roofing campaigns for these solutions to build under his roof. In a white paper published March 12, these professionals emphasize the value of the elevation of the dwellings. According to the study of the urban architect Michel Cantal-Dupart, it would be possible to build 466,000 square meters of rooftops in Paris focusing only 12 blocks and respecting the existing rules of the local plan (PLU) . In addition, fit out attics in houses represents a much larger potential yet.

However, densification has its limits. It is of little interest in peripheral areas and can be very expensive in urban areas. "We must abandon the dogma of the only densification to produce more land, said Jean-Philippe Bourgade, CEO of developer Bouwfonds Marignan Estate personal loans for bad credit. The raw material is there, it only remains to find the political will. "Ideas abound. "To increase land supply, avoid retention through new tax rules and open to urban land reserved for it in the PLU," said Marc Pigeon, president of the Federation of property developers. On taxation, most professionals agree to demand an end to the decreasing taxation on capital gains pushing the owners to keep their land as long as possible. The French Building Federation goes further by suggesting a progressive tax (0% the first year, 10% the second, etc..) Other widely discussed proposal: since there is little mayors "builders" poised to significantly increase supply land, why not manage the building permit or the PLU level inter?

As a major landowner, the state could also lead by example by making its land available. Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande suggested: the first considering a rental and the second one free availability. A final track is to densify the residential areas in redécoupant lands of private owners. A proposition advanced in the research project "Bimby" (Build in my backyard, Build in my garden). First practical application: a network of 'consulting division piecemeal "called Terra in Design, based in Paris, Lyon and Rouen. This service combines architectural skills, legal and financial resources to provide buyers and sellers of solutions division of land for new construction.


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